Jpay Login – Communicate with Prisoners

What is website all about? is a website that is dedicated to playing the linking role between an imprisoned person and their close relatives or friends.

Their services cover more than 35 States and act as trustees, ensuring that any support you send over is delivered to the respective correctional facilities-where inmates are under custody.

Besides the channeling of resources, also offers communication services while playing a pivotal role if facilitating parole and after-release services. You can see the Jpay login guide in the latter part of this article.

Searching and locating inmates

Jpay allows registered users to skim through databases of inmates and find the custodian correctional facility. It makes it easy compared to a physical search –with its hurdles. You can extend the search from one prison to another with an aim to contact and keep in touch with those in custody.

In cases of unresolved queries, users can write, call, or email Jpay via their contact options.

Essential services to Inmates:

 Money for Inmates

Jpay facilitates users to send money to prisoners; the Jpay –send money services is also provided for mobile gadget users on both iOS and Android applications.

MoneyGram agents also link up to Jpay, or you can refer to support for help. While sending money, ensure you have the correct inmate ID of the intended recipient.

Jpay offers a secure and fast means of channeling the help inmates require in the form of cash. Jpay delivers the amounts sent by the next business day and is also open to credit card transfers.

It’s free to open an account with Jpay, while the charges for money transfer are at pocket-friendly rates. Money orders through Jpay Lock Box are also part of the options, while remittance to a cohort of inmates is also allowed as once-off or on a recurring model.

Emailing Inmates

Jpay accounts connect you to your preferred inmate with email communications; inmates have options that vary with the facility of residence, to reply virtually or access the printouts, including photographs.

Away from traditional mail, Jpay email requires a virtual stamp available from the online vendors. It takes only two days to have the emails delivered, which beats conventional letters by far. Part of Jpay email allows senders to attach a photograph or a video that’s not more than half a minute in duration. Connecting with inmates lights up their hopes, and Jpay just offers that.

Purchasing Media

Users can help inmates by buying a JP5 model tablet for a close inmate. You can check with Jpay to ensure it’s the correct model. The tablet allows the inmate to access the following:

  • Download music and listen to it. (Also has options for audiobooks)
  • Receiving and responding to emails
  • Access online and offline games they have bought.
  • Access to photo and video
  • Access to educative  contents
  • Access news on a daily basis
  • Watch rented movies

As a supporter, you fund the inmate account with credits to support their access to media components. The loans can be funded directly to their account. The other two options include contacting a customer care Rep and effecting transfers that are made available by the next day of business.

Video connection

This option beats the physical limits with distance, and you are able to use the calendar to request for one. When approved, your relationship with the facility allows you a face to face interaction with your inmate. Most facilities allow up to half an hour for that. offers you the rates with respect to the States you are connecting from. The system guides you on how to communicate via your webcam.


Inmates respond better when their rehabilitation is stuffed with helpful books. The JPay’s Lantern enables inmates to pursue education while under custody. The other function allows access to educative videos, games, and eBooks to help them take advantage of their time in a positive way.

 How to Login to jPAY?

It’s easy to log in to your Jpay account, here’s the link to their sign-in page. You are required to type in your email and password. In case you have lost either of them, follow the instructions after selecting the respective option.

New users are required to register by filling in two fields: your state and the inmate’s ID. In case you have no ID, you have the option of searching through the databases of the prisons to locate them.